Has Rhylee Gerber Heard from Her Ex-Fiancé Since Joining the Below Deck Crew?

The Below Deck yachtie gave a jaw-dropping update on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

We've seen Rhylee Gerber lock lips with both Ashton Pienaar and Ross Inia this season of Below Deck. And seriously, can you blame the deckhand? But even though Rhylee seems to be having a fun and flirty time aboard the M/Y Seanna, she has had to deal with some painful moments in the romance department before she joined the Below Deck crew in Season 6.

Earlier this season, Rhylee opened up about her ex-fiancé, whose Instagram handle she got tattooed on her arm (he also has a tattoo of her Instagram handle). "I've only ever been in any real relationship with one man, and that was my ex-fiancé. We met in Florida, fell in love, and got engaged, and so my time was spent going to Alaska and then headed back to Florida," she shared on Below Deck. "I was experiencing all these new things, and he wasn't experiencing them with me. And it led to hard times. It's a lot of hurt that I went through."

But now that Rhylee is living her best life on Below Deck, one has to wonder if her ex has reached out at all. Well, she gave a very interesting update during Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show, which made the whole Clubhouse say, "Ooooooh." When you hear Rhylee's comments in the above video, we have a feeling you'll have the same reaction.

The moment was also enough for Rhylee's fellow WWHL guest Captain Lee Rosbach to give her a classic Cap look, to which Rhylee replied, "Think before I speak, I get it."

Cringes all around!

Captain Lee, Rhylee, and Ross discuss other regretful moments from this season of Below Deck, below.

Watch What Happens Live
The Biggest Regrets So Far on #BelowDeck
Andy Cohen asks #BelowDeck castmates Captain Lee, Ross Inia and Rhylee Gerber what their biggest regrets have been so far into this season and Rhylee owns up to being mouthy.
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